COVID-19 Resource Page – Building Guidelines


The safety of our tenants at One Cumberland Place, together with their customers, clients, and visitors are of paramount importance to me. In anticipation of Phase 2 of the Governor’s plan to reopen the state, scheduled to begin on June 1, ownership has worked with Paul Cook and others to establish protocols and guidelines for the building consistent with the state of Maine reopening plan and the COVID -19 Prevention Checklist.

Although we are sure all of you have referenced the COVID-19 resource pages from the Department of Community & Economic Development’s website, it is included again here for your convenience.

Another useful link is entitled, “Back to Work Safely.Org”, supported by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA). This includes some further industry-specific guidelines.

We ask all tenants and visitors to the facility observe the following guidelines when walking through the building and common areas, such as the lobby and elevator areas and hallways:

1. Please observe the social distancing signs located at the entryways of the two main entrances to the building as well as the front of the building’s south-facing office suites.

2. There should be no more than 1 person in the building elevator at a time, with those visitors waiting to maintain appropriate social distance in any line (6 feet apart).

a. If taking the stairs, please use the stairwell abutting the lobby (Southeast) to ascend to the next floors and the stairwell at the opposite end of the building (Northwest) to descend.

3. All visitors and vendors should maintain 6 feet of physical distance and wear face coverings where such distancing is not possible.

4. We request that no more than 2 individuals occupy any common area bathroom at any one time. Please knock before entering.

5. We request that our visitors and clients of our tenants do not congregate in the main entrances or hallways. This makes it difficult for other guests and vendors to make their way safely through the building.

The One Cumberland Place conference room will remain closed until further notice. We are exploring the means of creating first-class video conferencing capabilities for the conference space once it’s re-opened.

We will be placing hand sanitizers at both main entrances of the building for your use and convenience when they become available. We encourage you to use them upon entering and leaving the building.

Should you become ill or experience COVID-19 symptoms while visiting our building, we ask that you immediately contact the business you were visiting.

We are all anxious about getting back to some level of normalcy in our daily lives. As always, please feel free to provide us with your feedback about One Cumberland Place.

Thank you for your cooperation.

One Cumberland Place LLC
Paul Cook – Property Manager

What Our Tenants Say

“Ideal location being 1 minute from downtown Bangor and 2 minutes from the interstate. The on-site owner/manager is very responsive when issues arise. I highly recommend One Cumberland Place.”

Deron Smith - Sales Executive
Creative Imaging Group